Either you are sorting it out, or you are full of it.

Monday, September 8, 2008


What is this?

Overall, and under the spell of particularly arcane language, this is an organization dedicated to the documentation of waste, trash, flotsam, and detritus both literally and abstractly. A balductum of biblical proportions. A callithumpian rant of postmodern detachment and deconstruction. A brimborion for those who long to shake life for loose change. The various travails of a hobbledehoy on a voyage of discovery through the slagheaps of the world. An endless gallimaufry to remind you that “Either you are sorting it out, or you are full of it.”

Okay, but seriously, what is this?

Basically, this entire blog can be divided into a number of sections reflecting my various interests, as listed below (alphabetically):

China – Anything relating to the Middle Kingdom and all of its idiosyncrasies. A dragon of a country let loose upon the world again after a long slumber.

Dialogs – A series of fictitious or pseudo-fictitious dialogs on a number of topics from art, philosophy and morality to wild fantasies about celebrities or the minutia of everyday existence. Delusions of self grandeur abound. Aporetic frustrations lurk in the shadows. In my most deluded moments, I consider some of these pieces to be chronicles of the age, even humanity in general a la Plato; at my greatest moments of despair, I’d say these are no more than the works of a lonely, hapless dilettante trying to find a voice that will never present itself. More than likely, and rather unfortunately, these works are probably neither.

False Starts – A daily (or almost daily) series of aphorisms meant to express my more personal issues in a general way. They are, admittedly, often obscurantist or utterly prosaic. However, every once in a while one of them proves to be somewhat insightful, flirting with the profound, like a reluctant wallflower who, when forced to dance, suddenly realizes that they are more graceful than they ever thought they could be.

Li and Zhou – This special series of dialogs was born when I worked at the now defunct Shanghai-based, English language lifestyle magazine, SH. (I should note that the publication still exists on a lifeline in cyberspace. Check it!) At the time, I found that the magazine was often censored by Chinese authorities for a number of seemingly inane or arbitrary reasons, which never ceased to amaze me. The series features two men who work in a print censorship office in Beijing. It has grown into a forum where I can address issues of censorship in the Middle Kingdom.

Musings – These are entries are composed of my dreams, rants and raves or my opinions on a subject. Often times they are just me fooling around or trying out something that I don’t really think fits into any other category very neatly. If I’ve got something I’ve got to spew, I just spew it here. Ew. Sorry, that sounded gross.

Names – In my travails through the dense, cloudy mass of the written word (both English and Chinese), these are words that I find interesting, amusing or just plain strange for some reason. I try to demonstrate them with an appropriate picture to assist the reader (and maybe give them a chuckle while I’m at it).

Poetry – A bunch of lofty lines I’ve been working on that I can’t help but post for one reason or another. If you’re into poetry, the ancient art of all things, take a look.

Shanghai – Anything having to do with China’s never-ending city by the sea.

I should note that sometimes these various categories overlap. Everything bleeds into everything else a little bit, like some monstrous Venn-diagram.

Who is the author? Who are you?

Ferret, the author of this humble endeavor, is an aspiring writer living in Shanghai, China. He hopes one day to speak, read and maybe even write (Mandarin) Chinese, as well as write notable prose and poetry in his mother tongue. In the meantime, he hopes that you will forgive him these trifles in cyberspace.

Ferret, eh? So are you into ferrets?

No. I don’t have any pets. My choice of the name “Ferret” had more to do with its verbal form (to rummage through, to look through, to search and bring to light) more than its use as a noun (a skinny, ill-tempered, noxious rodent capable of squeezing into small spaces). Although there are certainly a number of people who’ve met me who might think its use as a noun is appropriate as well.

If you’ve got questions, comments, thoughts, confessions, etc. send ’em to:

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  1. I have just discovered this. The link is going on my site today. Maybe a few more readers — like they say, you never know your luck in the big city, right? But what a fine collection. Thank you.

    Comment by Rob Schackne — February 23, 2014 @ 3:02 pm

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