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Thursday, April 15, 2010


[Ferret is at LOgO, a somewhat disreputable, but established bar, frequented predominantly by Shanghai’s expat hipsters. It’s rave night (yes, apparently such things do still exist). Black lights, glow sticks, and loud techno music with 15 minute build-ups abound. Ferret‘s shaking it on the dance floor with Monkey and some other friends. They are covered with neon face paint, and they take turns grinning at each other so they can show off their green teeth in the black-lights. Ferret has been dancing with his backpack on for a while, and it’s starting to become a nuisance.]


I think I should take my backpack off.


Of course! Why didn’t you do it before?


I didn’t want it to be stolen.


What’s in it?




Nobody wants to steal books, Ferret. Just go.

[Ferret considers this for a moment, then nods his head in assent. He makes his way off the dance floor to drop his backpack by their coats, wondering if he’s the only person in the world who considers books worth stealing…]

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