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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Electro Paean: Daedalus

You invented a box to delight and reshuffle your tracks,

Tap-lit buttons you gridded in bright, oh my! orangey arrays.

There weren’t records that spun, or the token fly-wheels

Of faux spinners still lost in the age of two tastes.

It’s your labyrinthine machine that sings in a myriad voice,

That can speak the swift babble of billions of tongues,

A new cascade of sounds that feed sounds, a wide sonic mix hall

Of reflections of reflections to pops and re-bubbled beat blends.

They remind our perked ears of the never-a-stop pace of life

That we humans have cleft from the soil – reinvent! reinvent!

May you fop upon keys with inscrutable methods of mash

So we hear, and we see, and we gawk, and we blush,

That our bodies all wag in assent, and we learn to re-live

As the sounds you have served before us.

Listen! Listen! Listen!

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