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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shanghai in a Box – Part 4

[Ferret is frazzled, looking for a piece of paper on his table entirely covered in crap. He’s been far too busy lately, but thinking to himself about what exactly has been taking up his time, he can’t say. He just knows he needs to find that piece of paper. It’s a receipt for something he wants to return. Or was it a receipt for registering for something? Yes, that’s it. Registration.]


Where is it?

[Ferret finds the box he’d received ages ago. It’s full of just as much mystery as before, its faded packaging with just the words 上海 written on it are full of strange portent.]


Damn, I totally forgot about this.

[Ferret takes a deep breath and starts to open it up, forgetting about the thing he was just searching for. Inside there is just brown packing paper, or so it seems. He continues to pull it out until he finds a small black notebook in the bottom of the box. He picks up and flips it open. There is a message scrawled on the front page.]



A reward for whoever returns this

[and an address below it]



Mr. Wang

20 Shouning Lu

[Ferret flips through the rest of the pages in the notebook and finds nothing else. He sits down on his chair next to his desk and looks at the cover of the notebook, thinking.]

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