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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Snubbing the Chinese Police?

“SECURITY has been tightened further on Metro lines ahead of the Olympic football matches to be held at Shanghai Stadium.

Four X-ray machines, eight detectors of toxic chemicals and four machines to screen for explosives will check passengers near the two Olympic venues, Dai Min, director of Shanghai Metro Police, said yesterday.

“Each large bag is being examined and smaller bags will be inspected at random,” Dai said…”

– “Metro tightens bag screening to secure safety at Olympics,” Shanghai Daily, 2008-07-29

I think I might have snubbed the Shanghai police.


Yeah, I walked into this metro station, and I saw this security guard standing next to a table. It was a little strange so I looked at it rather oddly. The security guard noticed I was looking, smiled really big, and proudly proclaimed “Security Check Here!” I had no idea if he wanted me to show him what was in my bag, or if he was just damn proud of his security checkpoint/table. Given his tone, it seemed to be the latter. However, I’ve never had anyone in my life say something to me like that. Not knowing what to do I just smiled, and slowly walked through the turnstile into the subway as if nothing had happened. I really hope I didn’t ruin his day, or piss him off.

Maybe the police will arrest you now.

Man, I hope not.

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