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Thursday, August 5, 2010

False Start #47

Do you want to know what loneliness is? It is an obsession. It is the thing that you know you should turn your eyes from, but you can’t look away. It is a naked woman prancing through the streets flooded with pedestrians, and you are the one driving a tractor trailer behind her, staring idly when you should be watching your mirrors and the road ahead.

Loneliness is that naked woman running through the streets too fast for you to catch her. The more you try the faster she goes, wearing you out, folding your concentration, diverting your attentions.


Sometimes I think I’ve fallen in love with loneliness. I do not work to end the sight of her. The chase I make across the city late at night or in the brightness of the morning is the same. I love that amber sigh I feel when I meet her gaze, that shining promise in the distance.

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