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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Chainsaw Spirit

During one of my more depressed moments, I decided to try my luck on with the following search: “FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK.” To my surprise, I came across this entry on a website dedicated to allowing folks to post their own micro graphic novels based around pictures of chainsaws. While the particular entry I found which lead me to the website was a rather dull and uninspired piece of self-loathing (which was, admittedly, somewhat appropriate at the time), a number of other entries on the site were pretty good. I particularly liked the website of one of the authors who has apparently lost his frog.

Anyway, I wrote my own micro graphic novel for the website, which I have included in its entirety below.

A Chainsaw Spirit
By Ferret
There exists in every man a forest of troubles. It is filled with dark, gnarled trees – the inner thoughts, habits and predispositions that prevent him from seeing the sunlight, the bright lights in himself and the world. Luckily, however, the forest is not impenetrable. There exists in all of us a chainsaw spirit, capable of clear cutting everything in its path, given time and enough fuel.
To take down a tree, you have to start on the smaller limbs first. You may see the trunk, and wishing to get to the heart of the problem, cut there, but don’t. The tree will topple more quickly, but the presence of its many limbs will cause it to become entangled with the other trees around it, far above the reach of your chainsaw.
When you have removed all the branches and limbs, the leaves and sticks, throw them in a pile and start on the trunk. Due to its size, you’ll need something to hold its weight while you cut it into little pieces. Don’t think that you can tackle this problem by simply laying the trunk on the ground. The chainsaw can slip and cut you instead of the wood.
While cutting the trunk, focus. This is the time when the chainsaw exerts the most effort, and you need to apply more pressure to make sure that the cut is straight and true. Focus. At this point, the only things in your mind should be you, the chainsaw and the wood.
When a tree has been cut, burn it in the fireplace of your soul. In its destruction, you can already feel new warmth lingering in the sudden, flickering light where there was once darkness. You smile knowing it’s a change for the better. The forest of troubles now contains one less member.
Complete this task as many times as necessary, and you will see the light.
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