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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scruta from the Holidays: Love, Cats and Chocolate


Over the course of a hungover morning I got through a graphic novel called Clumsy, the story of a dysfunctional relationship told in a series of intimate and uninspired vignettes. I should note that I don’t doubt the authenticity of these intimate moments. I’m sure as far as the author was concerned they were “inspired.”  Yet, I found it hard to be moved and endless harangue of one awarkward moment after another, mixed with first time phone sex and farting in bed with a lover. It’s just… well… isn’t there more to say about love? What if the answer is ‘No’? This might be the most horrifying, and possibly redeeming point about this book: Actual relationships are depressingly boring.

Anywho, to purchase a copy and view all the works available from the author you can check out his slick website, The Holy Consumption. In my humble opinion, a good deal more riveting than the book it touts.


While checking a book called Liberation Biology, I learned about the advent of genetically modified, non-allergenic cats from a company called Allerca. Your basic bubble boy friendly feline starts at $6,950, with a premium model at $22,000. The cats have their opponents, including a dedicated blog and a number of claims on consumer advocate websites like The Consumerist (check out the responses from the Allerca-ahem-Anonymous blogger). Although the most wild threats/accusations are found on Allerca’s website itself.


A trip across the Pacific on United Airlines gave me time to read their Hemisphere’s Magazine article on TCHO. Indie chocolate by consumers for the consumers? Break me off a bit o’ that, please.

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