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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ode to Luxury

Inspiration I nabbed in this blurb from SH Magazine, although I couldn’t find it on their website:

“Inspired by JIA (“home”), You Qian Life Enhancing Developments took the concept of small, design-led hotels to its absolute end point in terms of bijou, frou-frou, boho, oh-so, boutique, boutique-y-chic-y – oh, darling – cheekiness, and launched… The Apartment. Yes. While some boutique hotels boast of 30 rooms and some swagger with ten, this final word in personal travel only has one, single, exclusive, reclusive, private room. In the suite there is the gratifyingly private restaurant, called The Kitchen. There is an en suite shower and spa facility, called The Bathroom. And of course, the personal concierge service, called The Girlfriend. Guests will also be issued with their own security assistant, The Key. No sooner was The Apartment unveiled than investors went wild, block-booking the room until July 23, 2024…”

-SH Magazine, Friday June 20, 2008; p. 3

Ode to Luxury

Did you hear? Did you know?
The best way to live has found its way to show.
When rich you’ll lead chariots of isolate charm–
Feasts with your beckoning by spoke healed alarm,
With pretty faced girls who sigh with your call,
Massaging taut loins with abandon and gall.
And when the day falls with your thoughts by your side
Of swift machinations and enemies who hide,
Remember you’re safe and isolate here,
That you command all, there’s no one to fear.

In this paradise you hold, you show all the way
How others can come and find this and say:
Did you hear? Did you know?

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