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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shanghai in a Box – Part 7

[Shanghai has just come out of one the gray, rainy abysses that often descend upon it. Now the sky is shining with a new resilience, bringing new light to its citizenry. Full of this radiance, many are prompted to do something out of the ordinary. Ferret sits outside a coffee shop and goes through his wallet. He finds the card that he’d been given so long ago.]


Cai Xin


Logistics Manager


Floor 7, Building 23, 1285 Huaihai Middle Road

[There is no other information on the card. It’s been a while, but Ferret figures he might as well try and get his reward. He could use the cash. Plus, it’s stopped raining and he’s optimistic, ready for an adventure. A quick search on google maps reveals that 1285 is near the Changshu Lu Metro Station. It looks like a long residential lane. The name on the card is rather strange.]


Cài  Xīn

[It’s pronounced the same way as the word 菜心, a type of vegetable. Who would have such a name? Ferret decides it’s time to find out.]

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